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Exceptional Massage Therapy is often about
pin point accuracy.

Know where you are. Know why you're there. Know what you're doing!

Find relief with trigger point therapy in Las Vegas, NV. Trigger Point Therapy is a branch of alternative therapy that treats the cause of pain associated with trigger points. It is alternative in that it is nonsurgical and not pharmaceutical driven. This means no medicine and no cutting of tissue. It is also alternative in that it attempts to treat and fix the root cause of the pain. Trigger Point Therapy is a very specific and targeted type of manual therapy. This modality treats specific muscular adhesions in a muscle or muscular group. Contact our Las Vegas massage therapist today. 

To the client, this area feels painful to the touch, as well as during movement often. Trigger points often refer pain along common referral patterns. These are known as satellite trigger points.

To the therapist, this adhesion is felt by palpation as a nodule or section of muscle that is tightly banded together in contrast to the normal striated muscle tissue. This region of tissue often feels dense and fibrous. It is also commonly accompanied by a difference in heat to the surrounding tissue. It can commonly be found in areas where the muscular tissue is hypertonic (overly constricted or too tight). This is often referred to by the average person as a "knot" in the tissue. Trigger Point Therapy, from a Massage perspective, is a type of manual therapy that directly works the tissue manually at the site of the adhesion, which is causing localized pain. It also treats any referral pain sites. These sites and patterns are often associated with daily repetitive use patterns of our muscular system.

Consequently, the therapist may inquire about the patient's habits and routines, as well as give tips on how to avoid future trigger points. Scott Zelensky has been performing Trigger Point Therapy and successfully fixing the root cause of people's pain for over 28 years.