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professional Sports Massage in Las vegas


Tired of chasing injuries and dealing with athletic downtimes? Make a qualified sports massage therapist part of your team.
Stay ahead of the pain and avoid the injuries before they happen.

Sports massage is a type of manual therapy designed for athletes and athletic people. These are often people with very active lifestyles who perform at much higher intensity levels than the average person. Subsequently, they also have very different therapeutic needs. The goal is to help the athlete be in the best physical shape possible as to compete at peak performance levels in their respective sports or athletic endeavors. Scott Zelensky at Proactive Health Therapeutic Services practices a type of sports massage in Las Vegas that is different from the typical pre-event and post-event form. He is an integral part of the team in an athlete's training regimen. Depending upon the phase of the training and the nature of the muscular issues, he works with the athlete to create a program to optimize their performance both short term and long term.

At Proactive Health, first the focus is on alleviating any muscular pain, weakness, or restriction the athlete may be experiencing at any given time. Then, the goal is to assist in manually putting the muscular tissue in a positive state that will allow the person optimum performance. Next, the goal is to keep the muscular and tendinous tissue in a state of balance, whereby it is able to continue to perform at this high level as well as remain injury free. Contact our Las Vegas massage therapist to make an appointment. 

Injuries holding you back? Recovery seem out of reach?

I have helped thousands of people heal their injuries.
We will work together as a team to eliminate (or drastically reduce) your pain, increase your strength, and increase your range of motion.

Injury Massage

Whether you have a sports-related injury or an injury of a different nature, Injury Massage can be an important part of the recovery process. Moreover, it can be an integral part that is missing and may be keeping you from being fully healed. A knowledgeable expert Injury Massage therapist will be able to assist you in the recovery process throughout each phase of your recovery.

Doctors are all too often concerned with what the scan report says so much that they no longer listen to the patient. They have also placed so much emphasis on this report and other data that they no longer palpate the area about which the patient is complaining. Physical Therapists are concerned with ultrasound, electric stim, hot pack, cold pack, and the series of exercises. They often overlook or undervalue the very "labor intensive" manual therapy which is the model of Injury Massage.

Let's face it — the massage therapists in the spas are neither educated enough nor physically able to perform Injury Massage. This void has allowed Scott to create a special niche practice. Having a knowledgeable Sports and Injury Massage therapist who can take a patient through each phase of the healing process and contribute something meaningful and productive to that process is an invaluable professional. This is especially true for those of us who do not want to take medications, want to avoid surgery, do not have time for three times a week of PT (let alone the time off work and the co-pays), and need "more" from a therapist than "relaxation". Scott Zelensky at Proactive Health Therapeutic Services has actually helped people "heal" thousands of injuries they have sustained. If you have an injury, there is a strong probability he will be able to help.


Stretching is a very important part of training. While opinions change throughout the years and even studies come and go one minute touting the advantages of stretching and the next claiming it does not help at all. Some claim only static stretches work while ballistic stretches are worthless. Other studies claim just the opposite. I have been athletic my entire life. I have been a Sports Massage therapist for 27 years. That is a lot of anecdotal evidence. Let's face it, most studies are bought and paid for by industries that have something to gain from "proving" their expensive product or service (thinks pharmaceuticals and surgery) work for any specific medical problem.  Many of the so called studies have as their parameters, goals which are so narrow that they ignore other parameters which may infact show benefits of stretching.  For example, If a study only uses incresed performance under such a narrow parameter as measured performance, the study may miss benefits such as prolonged injury free status, lack of athletic down time due to injury, or increased wins on the course, court, or field.  So the study says that the athlete did not run any faster, lift any more weight, jump any higher in the study after stretching.  But they did not include in the study whether or not the athletes had less injuries, recovered faster from injuries, won more events because they felt a sense of assurance that a tight muscular region was not going to tear and hence performed more explosively than they would have by holding back to avoid an injury.   My 28 year professional opinion is as follows: Stretching works!

Many different exercise fads come and go. Yoga is thousands of years old and is the oldest "still standing" form of exercise. If that does not convince you, then nothing I say will. Stretching is an important part of healthy living. Stretching is a key component of remaining injury free and performing athletically at peak performance levels. At Proactive Health Therapeutic Services, Scott Zelensky uses a variety of stretching techniques including both ballistic and static very effectively. He is a practitioner of PNF or proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation stretching. This is a set of clinical stretching techniques using contraction and relaxation of the muscle in question to be stretched, and it's opposite along with a series of stretches during these states of contract and relax. These are very effective in improving athletic performance levels as well as expediting the recovery process of a sports injury.