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Don't Be Reactive, Be Proactive

Don't be reactive and wait for injuries to happen. Be proactive with your health and athletic performance levels. Call to Schedule a sports massage.


Proactive Health Therapeutic Services is the name to know for all of your sports injury and sports massage needs. Proactive Health Therapeutic Services is a Sports & Injury Massage Specialty Center for athletes of all types and levels, from the extreme to the novice. Scott Zelensky takes great pride in being the most trusted "true" sports massage therapist of Las Vegas for over 28 years.

Rely on Scott Zelensky as your sports massage expert with an array of therapeutic massage in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our massage therapists can help you whether you're looking for acupressure services or a lymphatic massage in Las Vegas.

At my office, I treat top pro athlete clients from Nevada and many other states, as well as countries as far away as Canada, England, Scotland, Bulgaria, Croatia, Italy, Japan, India, Kenya, and the Philippines. I have also been known to treat a Klingon or two now and then. Hey! What can I say? This is Las Vegas. People travel from far and wide.


Proactive Health Therapeutic Services is proud to provide an array of sports and injury massage techniques. I specialize in assisting intense athletes from marathon runners and cyclists to MMA fighters and acrobats. I realize that serious athletes require serious therapy to maintain their level of competition. Serious athletes also appreciate consistent and high-quality treatment. While this is lacking at many establishments, it is part of my core foundation at Proactive Health. My model of therapies not only treats the root cause of the pain but also can help protect you from future injury and impairment. (This statement has not been approved by the WHO. CDC, FDA, AMA, FBI, CIA, or Homeland Security. If you require such alphabet soup approval, we are not the place for you. If you want real results, we are exactly the place for you.)

Contact us to learn more about Proactive Health Services and for more information on our unique form of Sports Massage Therapy. Call Proactive Health Therapeutic Services at (702) 330-5726 today to make a sports massage appointment. Decide right now to finally consult an expert and begin feeling better and get back to performing at peak levels.

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Proactive Health Therapeutic Services treats athletes from professional, semi-pro, collegiate, and amateur levels in many different disciplines including but not limited to the following:

  • Body Builders
  • Crossfit competitors
  • Iron Man Athletes
  • Triathlon Athletes
  • Marathon Runners
  • Cyclists
  • Mountain Bike Cyclists
  • Rock Climbers (Las Vegas Is Well Known for Great Rock Climbing)
  • Boxers (Las Vegas Is the Fight Capital Of the World)
  • MMA Fighters (Las Vegas Is the Home Of MMA)
  • Wrestlers
  • Muay Thai Fighters
  • BJJ Fighters
  • Kick Boxers
  • Contortionists & Acrobats (Las Vegas Is the Home Of Cirque)
  • Gold Medal Gymnasts
  • Dancers (Las Vegas Is the Entertainment Capital Of the World)
  • Tennis Players
  • Snowboarders & Skiers
  • Golfers (Las Vegas Is Home To World-Class Courses)
  • Rodeo Cowboys (Las Vegas Is the Home Of NFR)
  • Bull Riders (Las Vegas Is a Frequent Site Of the PBR)
  • Reined Cow Horse Competitors & Trainers
  • Yoga (Instructors & Students)
  • Pilate's (Instructors & Students)
  • Professional Poker Players (What Can I Say? It's Las Vegas.)
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