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Dennis Wolf - IBBF Pro

Gray Maynard - Sports Massage




Gilbert Yvel - MMA LegendSports Massage for MMA Athletes

"Scott Z. is the best Sports Massage guy in the world. He fixed some injuries I had for years. I saw doctors from all over the world. They did not help. A friend recommended him. I went to see him and I am better. If you have a sports injury you need to see this guy."

Romeo Caballero - CrossFit Coach

Sports Massage For Crossfit Athletes

"Romeo Caballero Cross fit Coach- Scott Z. is the "ONLY" Sports Massage Therapist I send people to. If your training is being set back by pain, lack of range, or a feeling of weakness, go see Scott. He will get you "fixed up". He is a serious professional in an office setting who works on serious athletes. This is not a spa. Just like your training, you ask yourself, "what are my goals?" If your goals are to get relaxed, then go to a spa. If your goals are to get fixed, then go to a specialist who has the knowledge and skills to do that."

Aileen Thompson - Figure Competitor

Massage Therapy for BodyBuilders

"I'm not only a Figure Competitor but also a nurse. Scott Z. at Proactive Health Therapeutic Services is the most knowledgeable sports massage therapist I know. When I compete, he's a vital part of my training. Off season, he helps me stay tuned up. If you're looking for a highly qualified professional, I recommend you see my friend Scott."

Trisha Norman - Personal Trainer, BA, ACE PT Certified

Trigger Point Therapy for Athletes

"As a Personal Trainer I help people reach their peak performance goals. A part of this is often getting some bodywork done. If you're serious about athletics and your fitness, go see my friend Scott Z. at Proactive Health Therapeutic Services. Best Sports Massage Therapist around."

Rachel Soto - Bikini Competitor

Lymphatic Massage for Bodybuilding Competition

"As an athlete training with such intensity, pushing my body to the limits every day my body was beat up and needed repair. After a few sessions with Scott Z. at Proactive Health Therapeutic Services I felt amazing and I was able to train harder, more affectively with greater strength and technique. My muscle symmetry developed nicely because I was able to prevent injury as well as reduce risk of other muscle groups overcompensating. Scott Z. is amazing how he uses (whatever training it is you have to release the energy blocks and reestablish strengths in all limbs equally...)"

Jen Delgado - Figure Competitor

Lymphatic Massage for Athletes

"Scott Zelensky is an amazing sports massage therapist. I'm a sponsored athlete and a firefighter/EMT which means I'm extremely active. Scott has helped me with my performance as an athlete and firefighter, better mobility and flexibility, and avoids injury. I've been using Scott's services for 2 years and there is no one better qualified."

Mark Baker- Certified Triathlon Trainer

Massage for Athletes

"As a certified USA Triathlon Trainer, I both compete in triathlons and train people to compete. I recommend Scott Zelensky at Proactive Health to all of my clients. I have been going to Scott for "tune-ups" on a regular basis for years now. I firmly believe that anyone training and competing at any kind of level should just make it part of their training routine. Regular bodywork is a must. I have tested it with myself and with my clients. We always perform better when we get regular DEEP Sports Massage. You might find a cheaper massage out there, but it won't even come close to the same quality. I have had clients try other therapists. They still had their pain and they did not perform as well in competition. Afterward, they tried Scott. Their pain was gone and their performance at competition improved. The numbers don't lie. If you want to just finish, OK. If you want to compete, JUST DO IT! Try it once and you will see the difference."

Marc Tanunliong - PGA Golfer

Fascial Stretching for Golf

"Scott of Proactive Health has done wonders for my golf game giving me instant results. Last year I went to the Titleist Performance Institute in Oceanside, CA to get evaluated and failed a ton of basic movement tests. I was desperate for help after having done all their assigned workouts with no real results. Scott took care of all my scar tissue and huge muscle knots which were greatly limiting my movement. He also worked his "PNF" stretching on me and dramatically improved my range of motion throughout my entire body. Scott's been working on me for over 6 weeks now and I can honestly say that I've truly been blessed to be working with someone so skilled, knowledgeable, professional, thoughtful, courteous and extremely funny. The modern day "Mr. Miyagi"! Seriously!"

Terrill Heaton - World Champion Cutting & Reining

Massage Therapy Las Vegas Nevada

"I work hard all day training horses and competing. In my free time I like to compete in triathlons and marathons. I guess you could say I'm a competitive guy. The problem with this attitude is that my body gets tore up. I was having some bad pain in my IT bands and my lower leg. My triathlon coach referred me to Scott at Proactive Health. He cranked on me like I never thought possible. Trust me. This is not your day at the spa type of massage. At times, I'm breathing hard and my eyes are popping. But it's the only thing that fixes my problems. I've been to doctors who just shrug their shoulders and want to give me pills to cover up the pain. I don't care what the pain is or where it is. Scott can fix it! If you have any pain, you should check it out."

Stephanie Forte - Elite Rock Climber

Injury Massage for Elite Athletes

"For any athlete, body work is an essential component of a successful training plan. As a rock climber, a restriction in my movement can mean the difference between taking a big whipper vs. clipping the anchors. Having worked with Scott for over a year, I've seen big improvements in my performance and an increase in flexibility that I couldn't achieve with yoga alone. Some sessions feel painful but the end result is always greater freedom of movement, increased performance and no more aches or pains. Anyone who is serious about their sport and training should work with Scott."

Mark Bieri - BJJ Competitor/RFA Matchmaker

PNF Stretching for BJJ Flexibility

"Scott is the Wizard! Any BJJ or MMA fighters who have injuries (that's all of you right) need to come see this guy first. I also see him regularly for PNF stretching. It helps keep me way more flexible than I could get on my own. I found him from this very web site. He's the real deal."

Lara Baker- - century cyclist

Massage Therapy for Endurance Sports

"As a Century cyclists, long rides can take a toll on my body even more than my bike. I get my bike tuned up regularly. It makes perfect sense that I should get my body tuned up even more regularly. My cycling coach referred me to Scott at Proactive Health. He has really helped me stay "tuned up"! My performance has improved and I have stayed injury free since I began seeing Scott. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking to up their game and avoid injuries, regardless of your particular sport."

marrissa barcelo - Extreme Hiking Enthusiast

Injury Massage Post Surgery

After a Tibia Plateau fracture and 2 surgeries to rebuild my knee with plates, screws, and bone grafts, I went through a year and a half of physical therapy. Two different physical therapist and my surgeon told me that I would probably never regain my full range of motion and that I had to accept that my leg would never be 1oo% again. As an active, healthy person I was not willing to accept that! I found scot through a google search and with a few sessions, I could really feel the difference. He was abet to get me back to a full range of motion and I have been able to go on extended back packing trips caring 40 pound packs, wake board with no knee pain and most day I feel stronger then before I had ,my accident. Scott is a life saver and extremely knowledgeable on how to fix problems efficiently. Hh fixed in about 8 sessions what couldn’t be fixed ion a year and a half of 3 times a week physical therapy. I highly recommend his services.


Therapeutic Massage Headaches

Surgery is a last resort

Therapeutic Massage and Scoliosis